Saturday, September 17, 2011

Making Your Own Photo Booth

Well we had an awesome Graduation Celebration for my friend Richelle. She loves the latest trend of photo booths with props. So we made two for her party.

The Grad

                      Here was a helpful blog to help with ideas from the Racheal Ray Magazine

                                                    Here is the Grad and Her Friend

So these were super easy and I think it took an hour to make both.

What you will need:

For the Black and White back drop
-Gift wrap (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby) 25 sq ft
-Tacs or Tape

For the Ribbon Curtain
-Streamers (5 or 6 colors)
-Ribbon (I used 4 different ones)
- Twine or Rope

How to:

Make the Black and White back drop
- Unroll your paper and fold in half
-Cut the paper at the fold (this will leave you with two half's roughly 5ft long)
-Hang one of your half on the wall vertically and secure with tacs on all four corners. (imagine your hanging wall paper)  ;)
-Then hang the second piece next to it. Align your seems. Tac all four corners.
It should look like a square when you are finished. (the width might be a little shorter than the height)

And now you are picture ready!

                       My friend Mike made the props. Mustaches, frames, block letters. Super fun!!

Making the Ribbon Curtain

You want your rope to be about 10 feet long.
I secured the two end on chairs with tape, the were spread out, so that I could easily add the ribbon.
I cut the streamers and ribbon at about 10 ft long. Give or take.
Then you tie them to the rope leaving about 3 inches of an end at the top.
Hang and secure with tacs, letting the curtain drape in the middle.
There ya go! A beautiful photo back drop.

                                      Here are a few shots of the finished product! Happy Creating!

For the Props:

                                                                 My stache.... LOL
Class of 2011

My friend Rachael cut out all kinds of mustaches and put double sided tape on them to stick. We got letter blocks, and whatever we the thought would make these memories fun! Frames are always fun!! 

Hope you enjoy this blog! Please check out the Rachael Ray link, she has a few other neat ideas!

-The Paisley Way