Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holiday's+Deco Mesh= The PERFECT Decorations!

So here we are approaching the MOST  Wonderful Time Of the Year. I have already started playing my favorite crooners. Now I am ready to decorate! Here are some Holiday Wreaths I make for clients. They are so fun and very dramatic.

The ribbon used is Poly Deco Mesh. LOVE this stuff!!!!!  It's super cool to decorate with. You can use any type of wreath base... the green and red one I used a wire base. Then you start twisting and bunching, then secure with green pipe cleaners (that are cut into 3 inch pieces). I added all kinds of goodies that I found at Hobby Lobby. You will love these! It also looks great on any garland or as tree filler!! 
Here is what I did with my tree! I will be buying more and who knows what I'll come up with this time!

Happy Holiday's
-The Paisley Way

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  1. Trivandrum to Manali was a long and beautiful experience. Holiday's+Deco Mesh = The PERFECT Decorations, It is absolutely right.