Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring. Love. Showers.

Well, Seasons are changing. Ok, well maybe not here in the Mile High. I counted at least 6 inches of snow out there today. BUT Spring is in my heart and Love is in the air.

Seems like we will be in full swing of showers for the next few months. Baby, Birthday, Wedding, Bridal.... Whatever event you might be planning these next few months, here are some inspiring looks for your next event.

I love how delicate this is. Notice the "desk" they use for sweets. 
Closer look. Very simple. Love it.

I love how they used the frame. Love how dainty this is.
Cool use of music and Rock and Roll. I believe this was inspired by Pretty in Pink.

 I LOVE this! Sequinned table cloth. Gold runners and Pink!

I love the use of fabric and ribbons for a back drop.
Not to mention the big canisters for candy!
Oh, and Strawberry Milk in the glass bottles! 

Hope this inspired you the way it did me!

Happy Creating
-The Paisley Way

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Funny Valentine

Well... tomorrow is the Big Day. Whether you are celebrating with your LOVE or your Friends, here are some ideas.. and a quick fun DIY flower arrangment.

I will show you how to make this flower arrangement.

You need two vases. One that can fit inside the other and leave 1/4 inch gap.

 Next, place the vase inside the other like this.
  And now you can add whatever kind of candy that you would like inside.

 I decided on these fun, FAKE, flowers.. I plan on
using these till at least Easter.. changing out the candy.
 I added a nice little bow.
 There Ya Go! So fun, Right?
Here is a look at my VDAY decor for my Hubby.

 Added a few Pictures.
And some balloons.
I found this cute chalk board in the dollar bin at Target.

 I also found this BeMine and Love in the same bin.
 Added some chocolates for my Sweetheart.
 Another look.
 I also found these cute KISS blocks in the same bin.

Well Guys, there ya go. Got most of everything at Target. Flowers from Michaels. 
Hope this gave you an idea or inspired something totally new!

Happy Valentines Day 
-The Paisley Way