Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ladies Banquet 2012

Colorado Ladies Banquet

Hello there,
I am a bit over due for a post. Lots has happened in recent times so I slacked on this blog. Please forgive me. I was asked to decorate and coordinate a banquet for my local church organizations Ladies Conference Banquet. One thing was certain, we had to create something spectacular on a budget. I took on the challenge  with excitement. I love the challenge of creating events on a budget. 

First I had to come up with a theme. 
"How lovely to be a Women"

Second: Color
I wanted to do something different than before. I REALLY wanted to do a Parisian theme...but time ran out so I didn't get to that idea. 

So when in doubt...walk around Hobby Lobby. You will find whats on sale and it often turns into many ideas.

I decided on creating paper flowers. When I went to Hobby Lobby they had black and white paper flowers on sale for $.80. So I got everyone they had! Saved me many hours of making them! Yay.

Then I knew I needed vases. I was able to borrow some...but I had been collecting tons of bottles at my house ever since I saw some great ideas from Pinterest for them. So those became vases with a little bit of spray paint.

So from ideas from Pinterest, imagination, and Hobby Lobby here is what was created. 

I knew I wanted drama on this back board. Drama to this Texan means big. I got newspaper and we created these Pinwheel Fans. LOVE THESE! 
 A few streamers to add something interesting.

Some tissue paper carnations.

The center piece place mats were made from 3 different wrapping paper rolls. Different size circles glued to form a centerpiece. 

My lovely bottles and paper flowers!
 Found these pots for $8 each on sale at Hobby Lobby.
The Red statue was $6 at Hobby Lobby.
The Huge red flower was 50% of at Hobby Lobby.
Cute polka dot flowers on sale at Michael's for $1.
 Made some news paper flowers for the middle pot of flowers.

So There you go! Spent a little less than $300 on this event that hosted about 340 people. 30 tables. That budget also included some games and prizes. All you need is a little time and help....making things by hand sure does take time, but it is so rewarding!

Happy Creating
-The Paisley Way

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