Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holiday Wrap Up

Hi Everyone,

So it has been nearly a YEAR since my last post. WOW.... so that just goes to show how busy I have been. So it would take a few blogs to catch you all up..... so instead, how about I post some fun photos from the past year? Here goes.....

 A few Weddings.....

Some 50th Celebrations

 Some Fall Decor

 A Random photo of the hubs..

Merry Christmas Wreath

 One of my fav mantles for my Holiday Design..
 An eclectic/rustic tree..
 A Neiman's Adorned tree....


This is just a little show of what happened this year.... I hope to fill you in a bit more... and who knows what 2014 will hold. I will be working on a VLOG... video How To's for your DIY projects.

Hope you were blessed in 2013 and trusting God for a wonderful New Year. 

-Happy Creating-The Paisley Way

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