Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Inspiration

So, Christmas is over, my tree is still up, BUT will be down soon. This week in Target I noticed so many fun valentines STUFF!! So I decided, since Christmas was so fun to decorate for, why not Add V-Day to the mix... AND so I purchased a few things to get me started and thought I would post some inspirational photos of what I may OR may not do...

                                          I will be replacing this counter display with V-Day fun!!

I thought this was simple and sweet.
Great way to use your old candy sprinkles!

I will be doing a blog that shows how to use these
Yummy candies in as a filler in a flower arrangement.

Ok, so this is SUPER cute. You could also
create your own crossword puzzle and circle words
that describe your LOVE for your

Doilies. Must buy. Plenty of fun things to use them for!

One great way to use that antique milk glass pitcher you had to buy
and didn't know why! This is great for all seasons!

Garland, You KNOW I love these...
see my past blogs on how to personalize!
Great for your VDay Party or to hang around the house
for the family.

I love the idea of stringing PomPoms on fishing wire!!!
My brain is going crazy with the possibilities!

Reason 134 to buy a really nice black pedestal planter!

Frame, scrapbook paper, die cuts, BAM,
Really cute addition!

For all you Hipsters, ;)

Love the Paisley table runner. Yes, this will happen!

L.O.V.E. this!
And this is the flower arrangement I will show you how to make with

I will also be doing a blog on making these lovely
creations, great for parties, wedding showers, etc....

Alice in Wonderland... that's what comes to mind.
I REALLY need an event to recreate this at! I think VDay would work?!?!

I am thinking of making these for a fundraiser! I already have the pans...

I am raising funds for a great cause to remember my late Aunt Shelly.
Check out the newest blog to the Paisley Family...

-Happy Creating
The Paisley Way