Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bridal Event

Here is a look at a Bridal Luncheon I organized this past summer. The colors of the wedding were Black, Red, Silver. 

 This was the "Treats" table. It had a very Dramatic Center Piece. I added the Damask Ribbon and gems to the arrangement. My favorite part of this was the cakes!!! They were so cute! I took the look I wanted to the bakery, Frills Cake Shop http://www.frillscakeshop.com/ and they did a perfect job of  making the look come to life! I added the flowers. I "flexed" some tulips. Basically you are bending the petals back. Makes a very pretty flower!!  

Here is a closer look at one of the cakes.
I LOVED this one!!!!  
A look at the table. I added ribbon to the base of the flower arrangements to add color to the table.
I used Hydrangeas and roses for the arrangement. There is also silver stems with jewels hanging from it. The runners I made. I had a hard time finding the pattern I wanted.... so when in doubt, SEW!  

We had flower balls made for the tree. I included small details like with the Bride Banner... made a nice keep sake of the day.

I do have more pictures that I will have to add! The event turned out great! I was super happy.

Happy Creating
-The Paisley Way

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Give me PINTEREST!!!

Ok, Y'all..... I LOVE me some Pinterest. So glad my Xtra Mom sent me an invite. Thanks Lori. I have been on it for one week so far and I am loving it. Such a great way to bookmark your favorite blogs. Which brings me to this. You HAVE to check out this blog!!

Learn to make this! I promise, I will be making this! In SEVERAL ways. REALLY excited!!!!  Notice the Paisley's?????

I told Y'all I was going to make one.. and I did!
I Really Love the Orange. I like the lighter orange in the one made in the other blog... but this worked great!

Instead of the Welcome I used V for Valdez.
I found the crow at the dollar store! The fabric I had to buy at Hobby Lobby. The orange fabric was 30% off today AND I got to use their web coupon, 40% off for the other yard! Not bad.

See, You can do it!

So, I wanted to add my Sweet, kind, and Oh so VERY talented Friend, Bethany's Wreath.

Introducing Bethany! (and her Sweet Baby girls)

Bethany is super creative. She amazes me at her projects which range from making beautiful baby bedding to Unbelievable Birthday Cakes for her girls.... (I will have to see if she will let me share a pic with you!)
So, she saw my blog and was inspired to make her very own wreath. SO I asked her if I could share it so you could see some variety and another point of view!

Here is her masterpiece!
SO cute!
We are both currently working on our second one. They are THAT easy and super fun to make!!! So many options! So many seasons!


-Happy Creating the Paisley Way