Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holiday Wrap Up

Hi Everyone,

So it has been nearly a YEAR since my last post. WOW.... so that just goes to show how busy I have been. So it would take a few blogs to catch you all up..... so instead, how about I post some fun photos from the past year? Here goes.....

 A few Weddings.....

Some 50th Celebrations

 Some Fall Decor

 A Random photo of the hubs..

Merry Christmas Wreath

 One of my fav mantles for my Holiday Design..
 An eclectic/rustic tree..
 A Neiman's Adorned tree....


This is just a little show of what happened this year.... I hope to fill you in a bit more... and who knows what 2014 will hold. I will be working on a VLOG... video How To's for your DIY projects.

Hope you were blessed in 2013 and trusting God for a wonderful New Year. 

-Happy Creating-The Paisley Way


  1. All are beauteous. So you just grabbed some amazing deals on holiday gifts. Don't ruin your presents with the same old gift wrapping options. Do something thoughtful & unique this year. Remember, first impressions are always the strongest!

  2. Happy to see all the above pictures.i hope you will update it soon with lots of holiday gifts.thanks for sharing this post with us