Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine's Day-My Way

I love LOVE.... haha that sounds silly doesn't it? But, I do. My husband is sweet enough to indulge my sappy "love" shenanigans. If that means he has to sit through a sweet love story flick or help me with a silly V-Day craft, he will. Now that is L-O-V-E.

Well this Christmas season flew by, I started decorating the first week of November and started tear down last week... so I had no time to put up a tree. So I decided how fun would it be to enjoy another holiday and decorate for Valentines. So here is a look at my "Love" tree and how you can make your own!

What you need:

Tomato Cage
(that's your base)
Red and white
Lots and Lots...diff sizes. Reds, pink, black, printed, hearts, etc. etc.
Valentine Decor:
V-Day heart ornaments, garland, anything you like.

Where to start:
Attach your lights to the base and start wrapping.

I started with the white lights then finished with the red lights.

Then tie the ribbon and start wrapping.

Continue with all your ribbon.
I used about 15 spools of ribbon.
You can even staple the ribbon around a pole if that is easier.

Add your garland strands.

 Make the topper by wrapping some wire around them..

 Create clusters our of the ornaments..

Add your topper...

Embellish with love notes..

Then embellish your tree with pretties..

Make your dogs pose for photos...

And enjoy your adorable and sweet Valentines Creation :)

-Happy Creating
The Paisley Way

Out Takes:

I did try to VLOG... it was a bit of a disaster.....but here you go anyway. 
Looking pale...sick.... disheveled....oh well...don't care.

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