Friday, January 10, 2014

A fabulous, pink, 50th Birthday.

The beginning of Fall can be so unpredictable, we were hoping for a sunny evening, but we got rain. As event planners know, there is always a plan B and plan C.... in this case.... we needed them all.

What started as a swanky pool side party, setting the ambiance with 10 foot tall pink glowing crystal columns, got switched up a little and the party turned inside. That wasn't such a bad thing since the home is a historical landmark dating 100 years old. It was romantic to say the least! A fun night. Here are a few iPhone snap shots. (The photographer had a big OOPS with the photos, so this will have to do!)

Entrance to the party.

A fun photo booth, hot pink draping from floor to ceiling with a little bling to top it off. Guests took home a 4x6 print from the party, a fun night!
A special cake to celebrate!

A few simple flower arrangements to top off the pink theme.

Things you can't see.....

The back-lit bar (pink lights of course) with crystal curtain.
Cab tables with hot pink satin linens, tied with black satin sashes, and pined with crystal broaches.
Lovely pave flower arrangements with led lit bases.
Passed, swanky appetizers, including Ahi Tuna, mini empanadas, and my favorite, the tater tots topped with cheese sauce and pico de gallo. The food looked pretty and TASTED good!

We had a wonderful time! Every birthday should be THIS good!

-A 50th Birthday
The Paisley Way

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