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This is a great way to add a personal touch to your event! And super easy... and you can't do it wrong!
What you see above was for a baby shower (Finn) and for a Bridal Shower/Party.

What you need:

Die Cut (Cricut or Go to your local Scrap book store)
A Variety of Scrap Book Paper
Glue (I use hot glue)

Picking Your Paper:

The sky is the limit when picking out paper. Use all your colors in a variety of textures. For Finn, a boy/baby shower, I used blues, greens, oranges, browns, etc. I picked tons of different patterns with those colors. Also, I included solid paper in the same color scheme.
For the bridal shower, the colors were Silver, Red, Black, White. So I stuck with those colors but found fun paper in silver, red, and black. 

(BTW, I think Hobby has the best selection other than your local scrapbooking store, AND the best sales!)

My inspiration: I love how men can wear so many color and texture combinations with their Ties and Shirts. I go to this to help me think out side the box. For example, they can pair a purple and sliver polka dot tie with a blue and white pin stripe shirt and it look sharp. I love this!!!  I try to apply the same concept for these kinds of projects. Here is your opportunity to think outside of the box and get creative! ALSO, look at all the many combinations of paisley prints!! That always inspires me.

When choosing a color or pattern, again, the sky is the limit. I used a 2 1/2 inch ribbon for Finn's banner (orange and white stripes) and used a 5in ribbon for the bridal (solid red satin). It's up to you. Maybe try layering your ribbons, different colors, or textures!

Designing your Banner:
If you are a serious "crafter", and have some extra money to spare, you MUST buy a CRICUT This thing is AMAZING!!!!!! Easy to use and it can do SO SO much!
But of course great creations can be made without one!
My local Scrapbook store, Archivers, has a craft section and manual die cut machines. Now, it doesn't make extra large circles (but if you don't need large 8" bases, you will be fine) used for the base, so you will have to go old school, trace a circle, and cut.
I like to do a base circle. The "base" can be any shape. Depending on how big or small I want my sign to be, I will make the base circle at least 30-40% larger than the size of my letter. Or if you want to start with the base, make your letters 30-40% smaller. Then, I will decide on the accent piece (this goes between the letter and base). Either a smaller circle, or a swirly design, star, hearts, whatever fits the occasion. Finally, I will make the letters. (I think using shinny or glitter paper for letters makes a huge impact)
How do you decide on which paper to use? Its up to your imagination! I May do a busy paper for the base, do a solid paper for the accent, then another textured paper for the letter.

                                                Here a few other looks at some I have made.
This was used for my BFF's Bridal Shower. I used her wedding colors.
The letters were made out of glitter paper!

 This banner "Treats" was used on the cake/cookie table at the bridal event.
I can't WAIT to make more of these... Think of the guest of honor (or occasion) you're making them for, think of things they like, and add that detail to these. Thanks to the scrap booking revolution, adding a personal touch is super easy. Do they like to shop?? Find shopping stickers or decals and add it to the banner as an embellishment. Do they like bling?? Glue a bunch of crystals to it! EASY!  Add buttons or mini silk flowers. Your guest of honor will love this as a keep sake!

Measure out your ribbon to the length you want. Make sure there is adequate space for all your bases. Before cutting the ribbon, Assemble your pieces together on the ribbon as a "mock up" before gluing and final cutting. Make sure everything is spaced they way you like it, etc.
I put the base down first (the largest piece), then lay the ribbon down over that base (I find doing it this way makes the banner more stable for hanging), next I add the accent piece (glue to top of ribbon and base), and finally add the letter. Once I have it arranged the way I like, I begin gluing it all in place.

TA DA! Here is your fun banner. Make as many as is fitting! Hang them all over, or all next to each other.
I would love to see your creations and share with others! Or if you have another idea, let me know!

The Paisley Way

How to make and use a Tissue Paper Pom Pom

I LOVE POM POMS!! Thank you Martha Stewart for coining this design. Let me teach you how to make this for a much cheaper price than what the Martha Stewart kit sales for at Michael's.

What you need:
15-20 sheets of tissue paper (depends on how full you want it) A pack of tissue paper is usually in 10 pc.
1 cloth floral wire (any floral wire will work, I like the individual cloth kind)

Tips on Picking your colors and Tissue paper:

Hobby Lobby. Most should have one near. They have the BEST deal and VARIETY on tissue paper. I only buy from here. $.99 for a pack of 10 sheets. $1.99 for textured sheets of 10. (if you don't have one, most craft stores should have packaged tissue paper.. including Target.)

Depending on your theme, go with as many as you want! The picture above was a Baby Shower for a boy. I used orange, yellow, and green. I also encourage using the textured prints too. Leopard, polka dots, gingham, or hounds tooth. (yes, Hobby Lobby has all of these!)

How To:

The Fold
-Lay all your tissue paper out on a flat surface. Lined up in the same direction. (make sure your width and heights are matched up)

-Start the accordion fold.
If your tissue paper is the same dimensions on all four sides, it won't matter which side you start on. If you notice the tissue paper has two lengths, you will want to start at the shorter of the two widths.

-Next, you will take the 15 sheets of tissue paper and make a 1in fold at the edge. You will then turn the tissue paper and turn it over and make another 1in fold, and you will continue this patter until the end. The idea is that it looks like an accordion. (remember making paper fans out of paper as a kid???  This should like a HUGE paper fan!

Binding Your PomPom
-Take the "paper fan" look-a-like and pinch the middle. Assuming your tissue paper fan is approximately 18-24" in length, You should have 9-12" on each side of the center.
-Next, You will need the floral wire. Take the floral wire and twist it around the center of the paper. Make sure to leave wire sticking out to create a loop. You can fold the wire in half (with paper between wire) and twist the two ends together like a twist-tie on a bag.
-Then,with the two ends, take the very top of them and twist again. Making sure there is a hole or loop now.
That will be where you string your ribbon for hanging.

Your Edges

You will see the rounded look to my Pom Poms. This is created by cutting the edges of your accordion/tissue paper. Right now they should be square.
      -Take your scissors and cut a round corner. You may not be able to do the entire bunch at one time. I typically cut a slit in every 3 folds, then take that section and cut a round edge. For another look, try cutting your edges into triangles. Cut a straight edge at one corner, then another straight edge at the other. Should look like a spear.  (if i am making more than one pom pom, I will alternate my edges for variety) Continue this on both ends.

Making the "Puff"
Unfolding the Tissue Paper
This is where most of your time and Patience is needed!
I like to envision unfolding in 4 quadrants.

-Start with one end and side by taking one sheet and bring out as far as it will go. Sometimes you will have to take your fingers down into the according folds helping loosen the tissue paper. Depending on the type of Tissue Paper this can be easy or more difficult. (some tissue paper is hard, making it more tricky)
-Fold out half of the papers on that end of your "fan" or "quadrant" in the same direction. The remaining tissue paper on the other side of the quadrant you were just working on will be folded out the opposite direction. Once that half is done it should look like half of your pom pom.
-For the other end. Start folding one half of the tissue paper from remaining "fan". (Like when you began)You will pull the tissue paper out towards the other side of your pom pom that you already unfolded. Then, you will do the same for the remaining or last quadrant of tissue paper, folding out toward the opposite direction. (that's why thinking of four quads makes visualizing this easier) Your end product should look like a ball!

Cut the ribbon to your desired length. (keep in mind that if you are hanging more than one pom pom, it is more visually interesting if they are hung in clusters and at different lengths.)
Tie the ribbon at one end into a knot. Should feel secure enough to hang.
(ribbon tip: I like buying fun ribbons from the fabric section of Hobby Lobby. I might get a polka dot ribbon, leopard ribbon, strips.. the sky is the limit! "It's in the details")

Give it a final "fluff" and you are ready to hang!

Finished! Good Job. Your results should look similar to the one in the picture! Now the rest should be a breeze!

                                This was another Baby "Boy" Shower. I like to add lanterns as well.

This was at my BFF's Bridal Shower. Her colors were a variety of  teal blue, brown, and a deep orange.
Drink "Station"

Food Table. I used leopard print on one of the Poms here (to the left)

Extra Tissue Paper Tip
If you used 15 sheets per pom, you should have 5 extra from each pom you create. If you created 3 poms then you should have 15 extra sheets for a 4th pom. If the papers are 3 different colors, GREAT! Alternate the remaining colors/patters. It doesn't matter if it "matches" perfectly. It will have all the colors you are working with, therefore it's a perfect match! This will make for a unique and funky Pom Pom.

Purchasing Tip
Hobby Lobby sales different color lanterns in packs of three. They have three diff sizes of the same color. I think they are $8 a pack. If you catch them on sale they go for half off (only $4). IF they aren't on sale, go to Hobby Lobby's website and print a 40% of Coupon!

As you can see your options are endless with these. They are fun for birthday's, party's, showers, Weddings, Receptions, decorating a kids room.... etc. All it requires is a little time and creativity. Children love making these. Get them involved with decorating their birthday party! Hang them in their room after the party. The cost is minimal, and if you have a place to save them, you can use them over and over. Anyone can make these!!! Your next event will have the perfect whimsical touch with PomPoms! Your friends will be VERY impressed. Trust me.

Happy Creating
The Paisley Way