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This is a great way to add a personal touch to your event! And super easy... and you can't do it wrong!
What you see above was for a baby shower (Finn) and for a Bridal Shower/Party.

What you need:

Die Cut (Cricut or Go to your local Scrap book store)
A Variety of Scrap Book Paper
Glue (I use hot glue)

Picking Your Paper:

The sky is the limit when picking out paper. Use all your colors in a variety of textures. For Finn, a boy/baby shower, I used blues, greens, oranges, browns, etc. I picked tons of different patterns with those colors. Also, I included solid paper in the same color scheme.
For the bridal shower, the colors were Silver, Red, Black, White. So I stuck with those colors but found fun paper in silver, red, and black. 

(BTW, I think Hobby has the best selection other than your local scrapbooking store, AND the best sales!)

My inspiration: I love how men can wear so many color and texture combinations with their Ties and Shirts. I go to this to help me think out side the box. For example, they can pair a purple and sliver polka dot tie with a blue and white pin stripe shirt and it look sharp. I love this!!!  I try to apply the same concept for these kinds of projects. Here is your opportunity to think outside of the box and get creative! ALSO, look at all the many combinations of paisley prints!! That always inspires me.

When choosing a color or pattern, again, the sky is the limit. I used a 2 1/2 inch ribbon for Finn's banner (orange and white stripes) and used a 5in ribbon for the bridal (solid red satin). It's up to you. Maybe try layering your ribbons, different colors, or textures!

Designing your Banner:
If you are a serious "crafter", and have some extra money to spare, you MUST buy a CRICUT This thing is AMAZING!!!!!! Easy to use and it can do SO SO much!
But of course great creations can be made without one!
My local Scrapbook store, Archivers, has a craft section and manual die cut machines. Now, it doesn't make extra large circles (but if you don't need large 8" bases, you will be fine) used for the base, so you will have to go old school, trace a circle, and cut.
I like to do a base circle. The "base" can be any shape. Depending on how big or small I want my sign to be, I will make the base circle at least 30-40% larger than the size of my letter. Or if you want to start with the base, make your letters 30-40% smaller. Then, I will decide on the accent piece (this goes between the letter and base). Either a smaller circle, or a swirly design, star, hearts, whatever fits the occasion. Finally, I will make the letters. (I think using shinny or glitter paper for letters makes a huge impact)
How do you decide on which paper to use? Its up to your imagination! I May do a busy paper for the base, do a solid paper for the accent, then another textured paper for the letter.

                                                Here a few other looks at some I have made.
This was used for my BFF's Bridal Shower. I used her wedding colors.
The letters were made out of glitter paper!

 This banner "Treats" was used on the cake/cookie table at the bridal event.
I can't WAIT to make more of these... Think of the guest of honor (or occasion) you're making them for, think of things they like, and add that detail to these. Thanks to the scrap booking revolution, adding a personal touch is super easy. Do they like to shop?? Find shopping stickers or decals and add it to the banner as an embellishment. Do they like bling?? Glue a bunch of crystals to it! EASY!  Add buttons or mini silk flowers. Your guest of honor will love this as a keep sake!

Measure out your ribbon to the length you want. Make sure there is adequate space for all your bases. Before cutting the ribbon, Assemble your pieces together on the ribbon as a "mock up" before gluing and final cutting. Make sure everything is spaced they way you like it, etc.
I put the base down first (the largest piece), then lay the ribbon down over that base (I find doing it this way makes the banner more stable for hanging), next I add the accent piece (glue to top of ribbon and base), and finally add the letter. Once I have it arranged the way I like, I begin gluing it all in place.

TA DA! Here is your fun banner. Make as many as is fitting! Hang them all over, or all next to each other.
I would love to see your creations and share with others! Or if you have another idea, let me know!

The Paisley Way

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