Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bridal Event

Here is a look at a Bridal Luncheon I organized this past summer. The colors of the wedding were Black, Red, Silver. 

 This was the "Treats" table. It had a very Dramatic Center Piece. I added the Damask Ribbon and gems to the arrangement. My favorite part of this was the cakes!!! They were so cute! I took the look I wanted to the bakery, Frills Cake Shop http://www.frillscakeshop.com/ and they did a perfect job of  making the look come to life! I added the flowers. I "flexed" some tulips. Basically you are bending the petals back. Makes a very pretty flower!!  

Here is a closer look at one of the cakes.
I LOVED this one!!!!  
A look at the table. I added ribbon to the base of the flower arrangements to add color to the table.
I used Hydrangeas and roses for the arrangement. There is also silver stems with jewels hanging from it. The runners I made. I had a hard time finding the pattern I wanted.... so when in doubt, SEW!  

We had flower balls made for the tree. I included small details like with the Bride Banner... made a nice keep sake of the day.

I do have more pictures that I will have to add! The event turned out great! I was super happy.

Happy Creating
-The Paisley Way

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