Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do It Yourself Frames

I want to start this post out with this link, , I like this site and if you like to be creative on a budget you will too! 

For a do it yourself Frame (like the one in white) check out that link!
 Ok, so... I saw these cute frames at a craft store in Oklahoma while shopping with my awesome Auntie Shelly, I loved them!!! So Of course, I made my own!

What You Need:

-Go to your local T.J.Max or any store that has your favorite frames. I like the $5 ones at Hobby Lobby...
-While at Hobby Lobby pick up some fun ribbon.. I like the thicker ribbon. Similar to those in the pic.
- You will need a broach. The bigger the better! I have found cheap ones at Forever 21 or T.J.Max
-Floral wire
-Hot Glue

How To:

So the Bow part is simple. You don't have to tie it like a normal bow, because you don't need the loop to tie it in the middle.

I Make the two loops (that make the bow part) and leave 3 inches of ribbon on each side. ( a little extra so when you trim the ends you have extra in case of mistakes)
I secure the bow by pinching the bow in the middle and tying it with the floral wire. Then, I hot glue it to the frame. Lots of glue, and I even glue the ends of the ribbon to the frame. (if needed)
Last, you can pin the broach to the center OR glue with hot glue.

And there you have a cute new frame. Great for gifts!

How to Use at Your Event:

Use the frames to hold a menu of the food items being served. OR if it's a shower you are hosting, frame the invite, display where you like,  and give it as a gift to the guest of honor!

-Happy Creating!

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